Remote area power is essential for many of us here in the Top End.

You just need Alenco NT to hook you up to a clever off-grid power solution.

If you are isolated from mains power, supplying your essential services from a generator supply or simply looking for an independent, environmentally friendly power supply option, you'll love what we can do for you.

One call is all it takes and our team can have you switched on completely off the grid!

Free electricity from the sun? Yes please. I'd like a quote on installation.

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Are you pumping your stock and station water using free electricity? Not yet but I need a quote.

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No sun today? No worries. We have the day and night solution. I'd like to see your generator and battery prices.

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NT's rural and remote electrical contracting service. Call for all rural and remote electrical work - home, farm, civil or industrial.

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