Industrial solar services

Alenco NT provides a range of industrial solar products and services throughout the Northern Territory. It doesn't matter the size of your business or your power needs—our team can hook you up with reliable and affordable solar services.

The equipment available today, including powerful inverters, allows for a much higher power output than previous solar capabilities. That means we can provide enough power for your business, no matter what your industry. Whether you are a remote farmer, factory worker, or any other business in the Darwin area, we can help you save money with reliable industrial solar equipment.

We specialise in providing industrial solar for remote and rural locations where grid power might not be accessible. We can also provide power to those who are looking to cut back on business spending and want an eco-friendly option that will also save on utility bills month after month. We'll install all panels, inverters and other accessories to keep you powered up at all times.

We offer the best brands in the industry, and our team is highly experienced in all manner of electrical contracting and solar installation.

Ask about industrial solar today!

If you are ready for fast service even in a remote location, and you need reliable power that won't give out at the worst possible moment, then you need Alenco NT. We have trucks to haul our equipment to virtually any site, and we offer post-sales technical support when needed. We’re on-call 24/7, and will be here to answer your questions and schedule next-day service to get you back online. With Alenco NT, you are never alone.