A: Yes. Solar energy is derived from an entirely renewable energy source. In fact, the source of solar energy is an infinite source—the sun. Additionally, it does not require any output of harmful gasses or fossil fuels in order to be produced like gas or oil do. It’s an entirely clean source of energy that will never run out, and it’s free after your initial equipment install.

A: Virtually anyone can benefit from using solar energy. It is especially useful for those who live in areas where grid power is inaccessible, such as in rural and very remote locations. However, even those who live in cities can benefit from solar power, as it’s an affordable energy source that is environmentally friendly.

A: You can use some solar energy no matter how much sun you get. Whether your home is suited for receiving solar energy as a sole power source will depend on how much power you use on a daily basis and how many solar panels you have to collect this energy. The experts here at Alenco NT will help you determine how many panels you need to successfully get the power you require to power your home or business. Rest assured, with today’s solar technology, we can power entire businesses with solar alone!

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