Solar installation services in Darwin

Whether you want a little boost to your current power supply, or you’re looking to take things off-grid entirely, you need the expertise and dedication provided by the Alenco NT team.

We offer a number of solar installation services, as well as other off-grid power sources for long or short-term use.

Our supply includes batteries, generators, solar powered hot water systems, and solar power cells that can power up your entire home or business. We’re not only specialists in the installation and maintenance of these products, but we’re always available to offer information and advice on their use.

Who needs solar installation services?

As environmental pressure mounts, more and more people are going solar. Solar energy is fully renewable. It’s also clean, and reliable when compared to other alternative energy sources offered to the masses. Solar energy can be collected and harnessed using our powerful solar cells, which allow you to power your entire home if needed or select appliances.

Going with solar power isn’t just good for the environment, either.

It’s also an efficient source of energy that will save you money month after month by lowering, or eliminating, your need for energy acquired from your local power company.

Aside from solar installation services, Alenco NT offers numerous other off-grid power supplies, such as emergency backup generators and batteries. We sell products from top rated brands, and we stand behind our equipment, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

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Making a difference in the community and the environment

Solar water pumping is a great way to enjoy an endless stream of hot water, while saving on energy bills month after month. We offer water heaters from the top brands, and provide superior installation services.

When the power goes out, you don't have to be left in the dark. We carry batteries and generators in a variety of sizes to accommodate jobs large and small.

Ready to reduce your need for the local utility companies? We can provide fully off-grid solar to power up your entire home or business.

We can take an assessment of your home or business to determine if it’s a good fit for solar energy and offer a quote on installation and equipment. We service the entire Northern Territory region including rural and remote areas.

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